MediNail's first step is Identification, then Route to Treatment, and Form of Treatment

Available treatment options are indicated below. However, it is important to note that treatments are not prescribed through this site and treatments must be discussed with and approved by a Medical Professional prior to application. Not all Medical Practitioners will utilize or promote the same treatments. It is always important to consult with a Medical Professional to understand their application of treatments and to follow all care advice given, so that you may reap the full benefits.

Treatment Options

Here we've listed the different treatment options

  • Fastest, gentlest, most effective DNA nail treatment ever
  • Targets 2000 fungi and 3000 bacterial organisms - most only target 30 fungal organisms
  • Identifies highly specific percentages of potential pathogens in advance to prevent chronic conditions
  • Allows you to pretreat your feet to potentially reduce the chances of higher bacterial loads that lead to bacterial infections