OnychoTest™ is the Only In-Home DNA Nail Fungi Test

The OnychoTest™ targets 2000 Fungi AND 3000 Bacterial organisms.

OnychoTest™ is the newest possible means of screening for chronic foot infections. OnychoTest™ identifies highly specific percentages of potential pathogens in advance, so you can condition your nails and surrounding tissues with certain products that may prevent chronic conditions like nail fungus and athletes foot in advance. The identified micro-organism information from the OnychoTest™ allows you to pretreat your feet to potentially reduce the chances of higher bacterial loads that lead to bacterial infections that can promote pre-conditions for ingrown nails.

Just 3
Simple Steps


Cleanse nail clippers with alcohol or bleach. Wear gloves to prevent contamination.


Collect nail sample, place in small Ziploc baggie, and mail with registration form.


Consult with medical professional regarding results from MediNail: The In-Home OnychoTest

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How To Utilize Your Test Results:

The first recommendation is always to consult your Doctor or Podiatric Nail Specialist to confirm this information. If you do not have a personal doctor or Podiatric Nail specialistContact one of the many available Podiatric Nail Specialists, as listed on the MediNail website, who routinely accept these cases and may provide you new treatment options.You can consult with a MediNail specialist directly via a telemedicine connection for treatment options; starting with OTC options first, then more advanced treatment as necessary.

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Why Should I Bother?

Can't I Just Hide It With Socks Or Nail Polish

They are opportunistic pathogens that place you at risk of developing ulcerations, cellulitis, and other infections. Those that are immuno-compromised are at much higher risk. Diabetics with fungal infection are 3 times more likely to need amputation.

Don’t put yourself and others at risk. Seek treatment today.